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Blind Bags & Boxes

Explore a wide variety of cheap blind bags and boxes here at Toys for a Pound! Every blind bag you see here is priced at just £1. With such a wide variety available, we have various blind bags and boxes suitable for avid collectors as well as parents looking to add an extra level of intrigue to a surprise gift for their youngsters.

New to blind bags and blind boxes?

When you order a themed blind bag or blind box, you won’t know what specific toy or figure is inside until you open it. It’s the ultimate element of surprise and this is what makes these products so popular with collectors, parents and children alike!

Buy your favourite blind boxes and blind bags today

Our range includes a whole host of collectible blind bags and boxes, as well as popular kids’ blind bags and boxes, from some of the biggest and most popular brands. Simply browse through the current collection, look out for cheap blind bags and toys based on your or their favourite film franchises, comic books or characters, and make sure to checkout while they’re still in stock! 

To see even more high-quality toys available for the very best prices, head over to our £1 toys collection.

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