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How to help kids wind down ahead of bedtime

How to help kids wind down ahead of bedtime

As much as we love our kids, most parents get that amazing feeling when the little ones go to bed and you can bathe in the silence of an evening. With that in mind, we have some tricks up our sleeves to lend to parents, to help you calm down a hyper child and to keep the bedtime routine as efficient as possible. From natural remedies to super fun activities, we have some great bedtime solutions for you. 

Diffusers and essential oils

While herbal teas clearly wouldn’t work in this situation, using essential oils has remained a hidden, but popular choice for getting children calm and collected before drifting off. Essential oils like lavender, valerian and chamomile are used by the masses to support better sleep, so why not try it with your little ones. 

Lavender is the most commonly associated essential oil for helping sleep. It doesn’t just keep you relaxed, Lavender has been reported to help with restlessness, disturbed sleep and improved sleep onset. Diffusers are easy to set up, not too expensive (diffusers start from around £15) and are a lovely calming home accessory to have in the bedroom. 

As soon as the diffuser is switched on, it can act as a little reminder for the kids - it’s time for bed!

Calming kids books

While bedtime stories have been a go-to for getting children calm enough to fall into slumber,  you may have been doing it all wrong…

Carefully selecting the type of books you are reading to your kids before bed is a clever way to get them to sleep in a timely fashion. Transporting your child to a world of monsters, magicians and other action packed stories will likely keep them awake, due to a child’s typically active imagination. Alternatively, books with anything from calming stories to poetry will work wonders. 

Pair this with some soft toys to accompany the right bedtime story and tranquility is destined. 

Bedroom set up

A child's bedroom is their sanctuary, but they are often filled with toys which can be very distracting when going to bed. A quick clean up prior to bedtime is a great start. However, if you have asked yourself, “how can I calm my child down before bed?”, consider introducing some accessories for a cosy and calming environment. Colour changing stars lights are a great way to set the mood by adding a warm glow to the room.

Arts and Crafts

Getting creative can be an amazing way to create calmness in the evening without battling energy your child may have from their day. Let the little ones use up their energy by concentrating on something productive that can be fun but therapeutic. Creative activities for kids, like painting a unicorn or mermaid mug, can be just the thing you need - it can even be ready for them to drink from in the morning after their sleep!

If you are looking for something less messy but equally as creative to keep your kids calm before bedtime, check out the Create Your Own Sand Art Bottle! Otherwise, check out our interactive kids toy generator to find the perfect activity for your child.

Switch off all electronics

Children’s TV is often packed full of action and drama. Kids may enjoy cartoons (maybe as much as the parents), but hyper-active entertainment can increase stress hormones known as cortisol, preventing children from happily hitting the hay. Also, digital screens can interfere with melatonin levels which are in charge of the sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, keeping all devices switched off and out of reach for at least an hour before bed is ideal to keep kids stress free and ready for bed.

Even if you only decide to implement one or two of these tactics, you are bound to see bedtime become a much more relaxing time for everyone!

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