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How To Prepare For Your Child's First Christmas

How To Prepare For Your Child's First Christmas

Christmas is the BEST - but most stressful - time of the year for the majority of us. Especially for those who are experiencing being a parent at Christmas for the first time. As Christmas is less than 4 WEEKS AWAY(!!), we here at Toys for a Pound have put together a guide on how you can prepare for your little ones first Christmas!!
Read Holiday Books
Reading to children is ALWAYS a good idea, as it helps them learn words and phonetics. For a Christmas-themed book, we would recommend 'That's Not My Snowman' by Fiona Watt, as it contains a fun little story, illustrations and different textures, all of which will help your little one learn!
Babies LOVE the dazzle of Christmas lights, so why not put some in their room? The sparkle of the decorations will be sure to catch their imagination!!
Don't Overbook
Look, we know how exciting your baby's first Christmas is, but you've got to be sure they don't get overwhelmed by the whole thing. You should try to stick to the routines you've established throughout the year, such as sleeping, eating and playing. You don't want a moody baby on Christmas!
Create a Wish-List
Buying all the things you want for your little one can be a struggle. Why not create a wish-list using our Kids Toy Generator or browsing our FAB Christmas collection, and send the wish list to friends, relatives etc!
Stimulate Their Senses
Help your little one experience Christmas through their senses. Have them touch and smell the Christmas tree, watch their eyes sparkle at the lights and decorations, and jingle some bells and play ALL the Christmas music!! You will see your child's Christmas come to life!
Visit Santa
You will DEFO want to pay a visit to a shopping centre so your little one can meet Santa for the first time! Santa IS the magic of Christmas, and the sparkle in their eyes when they meet the guy with the white beard will be something you'll never forget!
Chart Baby's Growth
One idea which we LOVE is to take an annual Christmas picture of your little one next to somewhere of your choice, such as a Christmas tree, or their favourite teddy bear. You'll be able to document their growth, as well as always having memories to last a lifetime!
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