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How to prepare your child for school

How to prepare your child for school

As the countdown to the new school year begins, the thought of starting school for the first time can be a daunting one for parents and children alike. That's why we at Toys for a Pound have compiled a shortlist of ideas and tips to help you when preparing for school and your little one's first day!

1. Teach them to write

One of the first things your child will have to do is to name their work, so getting them a head-start in writing can be a huge advantage going into Primary school! We at Toys for a Pound have a fantastic range of affordable pens and pencils, such as the Trolls World Tour Fluffy Gel Pen Set, or the Peppa Pig 3 Pen Set!
Trolls World Tour Fluffy Gel Pens 2pk

2. Encourage lots of outdoor play

A lot of outdoor play can help your child's brain develop, so allow for lots of swimming, climbing, jumping, swinging and exploring! And who doesn't love playing outside when the sun is out?! We love the Slingball Freestyle Racket Catch Game!
Slingball Freestyle Racket Catch Game

 3. Don't forget the essentials!

In the stress of making sure everything is ready for your child's first day, you may forget the obvious! Make sure you don't forget essentials, such as a backpack and stationery!! We would recommend the Phineas and Ferb Character Kids Backpack for your little one! 
Phineas And Ferb Character Kids Backpack 

4. Sharing

One of the newest concepts your child will become accustomed to is sharing and taking turns with other children. One way to get used to this before they start school would be with games or toys that require you to take turns. Our favourite sharing game would be the classic Dominoes set!

5. Reward your child!

School isn't the only place your child can earn rewards! Why don't you set up a reward chart and give your child accolades based on things such as good behaviour and good grades? We have just what you need - a Reward Chart with stars and a pen! Alternatively, head over to the Kids Toy Generator to discover the best toys to reward your child with, based on their own interests!
You'll find plenty of other cheap children's toys throughout our collection, that can help you and your child to prepare for school and the experiences that come with it.