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Our top picks: create & craft sets for Easter crafting

Our top picks: create & craft sets for Easter crafting

Dive into the enchanting world of Easter crafting for kids with our ultimate guide to the best craft sets available at Toys for a Pound! What better way to celebrate with your children as the Easter season approaches than with a bundle of delightful and engaging Easter-themed crafts? From adorable bunny-themed projects to colourful egg-decorating kits, we’ve curated a selection of top-rated craft sets to provide your little ones with hours of entertainment. 

Whether you’re seeking educational opportunities, interactive projects, or simply a way to keep little hands occupied during the holiday break, our recommendations will inspire endless creativity and cherished memories for the whole family this Easter!


Table of contents: 

  • What craft can I make with my kids?
  • Paint-your-own decoration sets
  • Peel & seal paper chain sets
  • Scratch-art sets


What craft can I make with my kids?

Kids can choose from countless at-home arts and crafts depending on their interests and age. Some popular options to suit most age ranges include colouring and painting, allowing them to unleash their inner artist and create marvellous works of art. Alternatively, you could opt for simple cutting and sticking activities or scratch art for more minimal-mess enjoyment. The key is choosing age-appropriate, engaging activities that allow creative expression. Here at Toys for a Pound, we’re proud to host a wide range of create and craft sets for you to choose from, ensuring something to fit all ages and interests. 


Paint-your-own decorations sets 

Unleash your child's creativity with our selection of paint-your-own decoration craft sets. These engaging kits give your little ones everything they need to customise and personalise their decorations. From ceramic hanging decorations to stunning suncatchers, the options are endless. Children can let their creativity run wild and explore their artistic talents as they paint, decorate and embellish their creations with imaginative designs and vibrant colours. Whether they’re creating Easter eggs, holiday ornaments or themed figurines, our paint-your-own decoration sets offer a rewarding and fun crafting experience for children of all ages.

Peel & seal paper chain sets

These delightful kids provide an easy and enjoyable way for children to create colourful paper chains for various occasions. With pre-cut strips and adhesive tabs, kids can simply peel, stick and connect the strips to form vibrant chairs, no glue or mess necessary! Ideal for decorating the home, playroom, or classroom or adding a festive touch to any space, peel-and-seal paper chain sets offer endless creative possibilities - fostering creativity and helping children fine-tune their fine motor skills whilst enjoying hours of entertainment. 

Scratch-art sets

Scratch-art sets provide a delightfully tactile experience as your children uncover vibrant colours and stunning designs hidden beneath a jet-black surface. Using the scratch tool included in the kit, kids can etch their way across the black coating, creating stunning artwork as they reveal rainbow hues with every scratch. Whether they’re creating dazzling rainbow patterns or intricate designs, these craft sets provide hours of continuous delight and endless possibilities for artistic expression. 

What ages is scratch art for? 

Scratch-art is suitable for a wide range of ages, making it a brilliantly versatile activity for all the family. Children as young as three, teenagers, and adults alike can all delight in the simple pleasure of scratching away to reveal striking colours underneath, making it a timeless and engaging craft for all ages. 

Discover cheap craft sets at Toys for a Pound

Here at Toys for a Pound, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of create and craft sets, presenting options to suit all ages and a variety of budgets. Whether you’re searching for model painting sets, foil decoration crafts or doodle boards, you’ll find all you need to keep your little ones entertained in our collection with budget-friendly craft sets ranging from £1 to £5


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