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Our Top Ten products for your Summer!

Our Top Ten products for your Summer!

The sun is out, temperatures are high and the kids are finally off school for six weeks! Here at Toys for a Pound know that keeping the little ones occupied for the summer holidays can sometimes be difficult and so we’ve put together a list of our top ten products that they (and you) will LOVE!


  1. Create Your Own Sand Art Bottle. £1.

Who doesn’t love colourful sand? This has summer written all over it. Let their creativity run wild and they’ll have a finished product that they can be proud of – you can’t go wrong with this!


  1. Intex Crystal 3 Ring Paddling Pool. £5.

 What is a school holiday without a pool? This year the weather has blessed us with sunshine, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon! This pool will entertain the whole family and is a great way to cool down when it gets hot!


  1. Intex Pineapple Tube Pool Float. £4.

Pool floats go hand in hand with paddling pools, and this pineapple one is as refreshing as it looks. If you’re off on holiday, you’ll make everyone jealous relaxing in the pool in this!


  1. Paint Your Own Suncatcher (Unicorn/Mermaid). £1.

We know the sun might not be out all summer, and so if there’s ever a cloudy day why not make something for when it brightens up again? This suncatcher looks wonderful hanging from a window! And it’s totally personal as it’s created by them!


  1. Marvel Avengers Chiller Cup. £1.

 We love toys, but we know how important it is to stay hydrated! This Marvel Avengers cup is a perfect way to keep the kids drinking water throughout the warm days!


  1. Tennis Racket and Ball Set. £1.

 Restless children? No need to worry! This tennis set will keep them active and wear them out for hours. Set up tournaments between family and friends for weeks of fun!


  1. Waterbomb Catapult Set. £1.

 Take it outside kids! This waterbomb catapult is perfect for the mischievous. Staying cool doesn’t have to be a chore in the heat!


  1. Magic Cube. £1.

If your children aren’t so fond of running around in the sun, this Magic Cube will keep them busy for hours, days, weeks… Or maybe minutes – who knows?! This puzzle will work their brains, that’s for sure!


  1. Finding Dory Mini Tote Bag. £1.

Beach bag? Plane holdall? Picnic bag? You name it, this bag will be PERFECT for all occasions! And it features our favourite forgetful fish!


  1. Modelling Dough Mini Play Set. £1.

We believe that school holidays are the best time for children to be creative and hands on. Our creative dough can be moulded into, well, anything they want! Then squished back down, and moulded into, well, anything else! Inside, outside, this works wherever. Let imaginations go crazy – it’s what summer is all about!