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The Most Fun Things About Parenting

The Most Fun Things About Parenting

Being a parent is pretty awesome isn't it?!

However, if you're about to become a first time parent, don't worry!

We here at Toys for a Pound are here to tell you why being a parent is the most fun thing in the world, and why you should embrace it rather than fear it!

The house is ALWAYS full of laughter

Kids LOVE to laugh at just about anything! Did you know your sneezes are now funny?! If you've got a dog, prepare for your child to laugh at any single thing the dog does! Also, when your little one goes off to school, they'll be bringing you home SO many Dad jokes for you and them to giggle at!

It makes YOU a better person

Becoming a parent requires you to demonstrate basic skills of being a good person, as your little one WILL copy the way you behave!! You've really got to pay attention to the language you use, as well as your manners and your temper, meaning you are becoming a better person without even realising!!

Children are ADORABLE

Okay, this one is a bit of a given, but HOW cute are kids?! It may be a struggle at times raising kids, but the fact they're so cute DEFO makes it worth it! And the fact you get to raise cute little versions of yourself makes it so much more fun!


NOTHING can beat the love you feel when you have a child. Nothing beats the hug you get when your little one comes home from school, or the goodnight kisses before they doze off! Love is everywhere in the home with a child!

Family holidays are the BEST

Yeah, sure couples holidays are fun, but making memories on family holidays is the best! There is nothing better than seeing the glee in your child's face the first time they see the pool or the beach on a hot summer holiday!!

NEVER-ENDING entertainment

Quite often, kids are hilarious when they don't mean to be! Some of the cute and funny things kids ask make us laugh regularly, such as asking if they can go and live in Telly Tubby Land, or if they could jump and land on the moon!!

Making AMAZING memories

Everything you and your little one get up to will be memorable, from going to the shops and the park, to taking them to amazing places like Disneyland, whatever you do with your child will be another memory in the making!

Kids food is AWESOME 

Okay so can we talk about how kids food is better than adult food?! You can eat unlimited spaghetti hoops, turkey dinosaurs and potato smileys, and your little one will LOVE that you're eating the same meal as them!