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When I grow up: Kids' dream jobs and the toys to go with them!

When I grow up: Kids' dream jobs and the toys to go with them!

Think back to when you were growing up...what did you want to be when you were older?
We asked some of the Toys for a Pound staff and received a plethora of answers, including a policeman, an astronaut and a footballer!
That's why we've put together a list of 10 of the most popular kids dream jobs, along with 10 fantastic toys to go with them!

1. Fireman

Being a fireman is cool and courageous! They help so many people so it's no wonder being a fireman makes it into the top 10 children's dream job ranking! Every fireman needs their fire engine, so why not grab your little hero this fantastic Atco Building Bricks Fire Engine 55pc Set!

2. Astronaut

I'm 100% sure that at one point or another, all of our little ones have said they want to be an astronaut, right? I mean, who doesn't like the idea of flying through space in a rocket?! Our Space Explorer Electronic Blaster, which comes with dazzling lights and sounds, will make any kid feel like they're in another dimension!

3. Race Car Driver

Can you remember the first time you saw a car, and couldn't wait until you were old enough to drive one yourself? Can you also remember the first time you saw a car race and were mesmerised by just how fast they could go?! Well, why not let your little one test the speed of this 4 Piece Super Speed Racing Car Set?!

4. Doctor

One of the most popular kids' dream jobs is to become a doctor, because helping people and saving lives is possibly the most awesome job you can do! We think this Peppa Pig Mini Medical Set would make the perfect gift for any aspiring doctor - it even comes with a handy case for when they're finished playing!

5. Musician

We all remember being given our first musical instrument and thinking we were going to be the next superstar to take to the stage! A lot of us learnt the basics of a musical instrument in school (much to our parents' ears despair) so why not treat your little pop-star to an instrument of their own, such as this 30cm Ivory Recorder? Sorry ears...

6. Athlete

Kids will see today's athletes either in person on TV, and be in awe of what they can do. Why not get your little one into the swing of things, quite literally, with our Tennis Balls 3PK. Who knows, they could become the next Andy Murray or Roger Federer!!

7. Policeman

Fighting crime, catching bad guys, and zooming around in a police car - no wonder being a policeman is one of the most popular kids' dream jobs! We think any aspiring policeman would love our Police Racing Cars 4PK, allowing them to race with 3 of their friends!

8. Pilot

Being a pilot is one of the coolest jobs out there - as long as you're okay with flying! You're able to travel all over the world and see so much, so it's no wonder why it's such a popular childhood dream job! Your child can play out their dream job with our epic Super Plane with light and sound!

9. Teacher

A teacher making the children's dream jobs ranking is likely due to the fact all of our childhoods were in some way defined by our favourite teachers - that and the fact that our teachers helped us so much, which is something we like to do to others! With our awesome Kids Create Reward Chart with Stickers & Pen, your child can play out being a teacher themselves!

10. Superhero

We know that technically you can't apply for a job on Indeed as a superhero, but every single child has wanted to be one at some point or another - and that's just a fact. The Marvel Avengers superheroes are some of the best around, so we think any aspiring superhero would love our Marvel Avengers Mini Plush Cushions!
Whatever it is your child wants to do when they grow up, we know they'll be fantastic at it thanks to all you awesome parents! While you're here, feel free to browse the latest toys that have been added to our collection.
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