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NEW: International Shipping 🚀
Disney+ is coming to the UK! And here are the best toys to pair it with...

Disney+ is coming to the UK! And here are the best toys to pair it with...

Did you know Disney+ is coming to the UK on March 24th?!?
The streaming service will feature content from Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, National Geographic and more.
Not only this, you'll be able to watch over 7500 episodes and 500+ movies for just £5.99 per month!
We here at Toys for a Pound are BUZZING for it's release, so we thought we'd pick some of our favourite Disney+ films and TV shows and pair them with some of our FANTASTIC toys!!

1. Toy Story Stationary Set
We here at Toys for a Pound absolutely LOVE all the Toy Story movies! If your little one does too, and why wouldn't they, we think they'll love this Toy Story Stationary Set! It comes with its own wallet, as well as two pencils, a pen, eraser, sharpener and ruler, all for just £1!!
2. Funko Star Wars Solo Mystery Minis Plushies
Did you know that as well as all the FAB Disney content, Disney+ will also feature ALL the Star Wars movies?!? HOW amazing!! We have plenty of fantastic Star Wars items - which you can check out here:! We would recommend the Funko Star Wars Solo Mystery Minis Plushies, where for just £1 you can collect Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and R2D2!!
3. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse & Friends Roadster Races Wooden Car
I think we can all agree that Mickey and his friends are the most iconic Disney characters, right?! Why not  introduce your little one to them by getting these cute Mickey and Friends wooden cars, and try collect all 4 for them to race against their friends at school?!
4. Marvel Avengers 6" Mini Plush Cushion
Disney+ is going to feature all of your FAVE Marvel movies too, including Avengers: Endgame!! So as well as being able to watch Captain America, The Incredible Hulk AND Black Panther, you can grab our GREAT Marvel Avengers Cushions!! Why not try and collect all 8 for your little superhero?!
5. The Incredibles 2 Nano Metalfigs 5 Figure Set
Now for something people of all ages would LOVE! We adore these incredible (pardon the pun), Incredibles 2 Nano Metalfigs 5 Figure Set, which is 100% die-cast metal! As well as costing just £4, which is a bargain, it includes Mr Incredible, Dash, Elastigirl, Violet and Metal Jack-Jack!
6. Winnie The Pooh Slow Rising 4" Plush Toy
We all ADORE Winnie The Pooh and can't wait to watch Winnie and his friends' adventures on Disney+, because as Winnie himself said: "A day without laughter is a day wasted." We think and Pooh fan would enjoy this Winnie The Pooh Slow Rising Plush Toy, so you can snuggle him all day long!!
7. Ultimate Spiderman 8PC Chunky Felt Tip Pens
As previously mentioned, Marvel movies and shows will be featured on Disney+, so there will be plenty of Spiderman for you or your little one to get their teeth stuck in to! If you've got a creative child who is already a massive Spidey fan, we KNOW they'd love our Ultimate Spiderman 8PC Chunky Felt Tip Pens, which also includes 2 colouring sheets, for just £1!!
8. Frozen 2 Sticker Set
So as I'm writing all the things Disney+ will feature, the more excited I'm getting, and it doesn't stop there, as Frozen and Frozen 2 will also be on!! We have a FAB Frozen collection you can check out here. We think any creative child would love our Frozen 2 Sticker Set, which contains 5 sticker sheets and a sticker album, as well as 2 cut-out bookmarks, all for just £1!!!
9. Cars Lightning McQueen Shaped Cushion
I think we can all agree that Cars is one of the best Disney Pixar films of recent times - I mean, can you beat talking, racing cars?!? We think any budding racer would love this FAB Lightning McQueen Shaped Cushion, so they can dream about winning the Piston Cup themselves!!
10. Star Wars Snack Drinking Bottle
As mentioned above, ALL STAR WARS ARE ON DISNEY+!!!!! Can you tell we are excited??? Why not grab this EPIC Star Wars Snack Drinking Bottle, so your little one can keep their drinks and snacks together at school in one handy tumbler!!
For all things Disney, be sure to check our our FAB Disney collection here -, and if you're after any more information regarding Disney+ you can find that here -
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