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Learn how to juggle in just 3 steps

Learn how to juggle in just 3 steps

It’s time to try out some of your New Year's resolutions and what better way to start a year than to learn a brand new skill! So, why not try your hand at a spot of juggling?

Juggling is not only good for exercising the brain, but it also looks very impressive as a party trick. We’ve even got juggling balls in our online store for just £1, so you can get started right away.

Below, we break down how to juggle and help you to build up to juggling 3, 4 and maybe even 5 balls at a time!

Step 1

How to juggle - step 1

The first step is to get the hang of juggling with just one ball, throwing it in an arch shape from one hand to the other. This helps for you to get a feel for the weight and trajectory of the ball and allow you to get establish a rhythm.
You can start to add a scooping effect to your throw, this will help you when it comes to juggling with more than one ball and transferring the balls from hand to hand.

Step 2

How to juggle - step 2a

There’s a few sections to step 2, to help you get the hang of juggling two balls at the same time. The first step is to throw ball 1 towards the hand holding ball 2.

How to juggle - Step 2b

How to juggle - Step 2c

As ball 1 reaches its highest point, throw ball 2 up and over to your free hand, then catch ball 1 in the hand that ball 2 has just vacated. Then repeat the process, throwing the balls back and forth to each hand.

Step 3

How to juggle - Step 3a

Now it’s time to try it with three balls!
Hold two of the balls in one hand and the third ball in the other. With the hand holding two balls, throw one in the air.
Just like we did when we were juggling with two balls, throw the second ball into the air, once ball one has reached its highest peak.
The trick is to always have one ball in the air at all times, so as soon as one ball reaches its highest peak and starts to descend, it’s time to throw another.

How to juggle - Step 3b

How to juggle - Step 3c

Performing the scooping action we went through in step 1 will help you to avoid any mid-air collisions when juggling three or more balls.

To get started, make sure to grab your 3 pack of juggling balls from our store!