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Toy bundles for a fiver: how to make the most of a fiver at Toys for a Pound

How to make the most of a fiver at Toys for a Pound

Shopping for children's toys can be expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of bargains to be had at Toys For a Pound. Despite their obvious affordability, they’re also made with quality in mind.

We’ve paired up some of our favourite £1 toys, to create some example toy bundle combinations that are perfect for your kids to play with all at once. With our guide, you can create your own toy bundles and really make the most of a fiver on Toys for a Pound!

A toy set for toddlers


A plush toy bundle could be perfect for your toddler, when made from a variety of different animals or characters, for example. Vary the colours and style of these soft toys to create a playtime that’s perfect for their development!

  • The ‘Bashful Bunch’ are the perfect companion for your toddler, especially when it comes to naptime! For just £1, you can choose between four animals and styles!

If you’re planning on tucking your little one in for the night with some of their favourite plush toys, why not give them one of our cushions to sleep with, too? You’ll find a variety of cushions in our £2 toys collection, so you’re bound to find one that’s they’ll love.

Alternatively, why not add a unicorn glow light figure to your bundle for just £2, providing a calming setting for your toddler to drift to sleep in, with their plush toys close by.

Together, three plush toys and a cushion or the glow light could create a lovely £5 bundle that’s perfect for your toddler.

Toy sets for bath time


If bath time is a chore for your little one, keep them entertained with a few toys for as little as £5. A toy set that’s built for bath time will make sure they won’t get bored to splashing about in the water too soon!

  • The Duck Family Bath Toy provides lots of fun for your little one. It’s built with superior materials, so for just £1, your child can enjoy bath time like never before.
  • This Duck Fishing Game is perfect for parent and child interaction - it might also help to build trust with children who aren’t particularly keen on baths and water.
  • We also have some bath crayons available - a unique toy that’s safe to use on your bath and tiles, that will also keep your kids entertained for hours!
  • Why not give them their own Finding Dory towel as part of your £5 bath time bundle? At just £2, it’s another addition that will help them to love bath time and getting ready for bed.

A toy set for 4 years and older


We have plenty of toys that are perfect for kids aged 4 years and over, many of which are priced at just £1! However, we’ve created a bundle below that could provide your children with a variety of toys and a fantastic play time, all for just £5.

You can get a lot for a fiver!

We’ve highlighted just a few examples of toy bundles you can create for just £5, here at Toys for a Pound! There are loads more combinations of toys that you can create, tailored to suit your child and their own personal likes, so take a look at our playsets and other £1 toys for inspiration.

Alternatively, visit our blog for more toy-related tips and tricks (maybe give our Instagram a follow while you’re at it!).