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10 of the best Easter party games

10 of the best Easter party games for kids

The Easter weekend is just around the corner and if you’re planning a party to celebrate the occasion, we’re here to help. Here you can find 10 of the best Easter games for kids, for a day of fun-filled activities that the whole family can enjoy together!

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Indoor Easter games

1. Sticky eggs

This one’s fun and creative for the kids! Place a variety of shop-bought stickers on a number of plates or bowls (one for each participant), with the sticky side facing up. Pop an egg in the middle of each plate and have participants roll the eggs around, to try and get as many of the stickers attached to the egg as possible. It’s a fun way of decorating eggs for Easter with the added element of trying to not drop the egg at the same time!

2. Push the egg

This is a good Easter party game for two people at a time in a small space, or for as many people as possible in a larger space. Contestants line up in a row, with an egg each in front of them. The aim is to get the egg from the start line to the finish, by rolling it along with your nose! Somewhat tricky but very funny at the same time.

3. Pair the eggs

Pair the eggs is a game that requires a little more skill and patience than others. Split an even number of plastic eggs into pairs and start by filling the centre of these plastic eggs with different items (each pair must have the same items in the centre), such as rice, jelly beans or coins, for example. Mix the eggs up and have the children try to find pairs, by shaking the eggs and listening to the sounds they make. Have some prizes to hand for anyone who matches all the pairs!

plastic eggs to fill for the "pair the eggs" game

4. Easter-themed bingo

With Easter bingo, you can choose to buy a ready-made game or make your own - whatever works for you! Each player has their own card which they must complete in order to win. The caller pulls an Easter-themed shape out of a hat - anyone with that shape on their own card can cross it off. The game continues until someone completes their card and shouts “bingo” - the caller then checks their card to make sure all shapes crossed off have been pulled out of the bag and called out - the winner receives a prize!

5. Easter-themed balloon pop

Begin by adding sweets and treats to balloons and inflating them. Gather the kids together and have them answer a number of questions (they can be Easter themed if you wish). Whenever a participant gets an answer right, they can pick a balloon to pop and enjoy the treat that’s inside!

fill balloons with sweets and treats for the "balloon pop" Easter game


This game can be played just as easily, using cups over the treats instead, if you or the children aren’t particularly keen on balloons.

Outdoor Easter games

6. Egg and spoon race

When it’s dry outside, an egg and spoon race is a must for any Easter party! Simply set down a start and finish line, line up the contestants with an egg and spoon in hand, and you’re good to go! It’s completely up to you whether you choose to use raw or hard-boiled eggs! 

7. An outdoor Easter egg hunt

One of the more traditional Easter games, an outdoor Easter egg hunt can be enjoyed by all! Bring family and friends together in the fresh air and have them search for eggs hidden throughout the space. You could even ramp it up, by having them answer some ready-made riddles to help them locate each hidden egg.

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

8. The fox and the egg

 This game is similar to the classic duck, duck, goose but has been tailored to the Easter weekend! One player is chosen to be the fox, who stands in the middle of a circle made by other players, the Easter eggs. Each egg must pick a random colour as their ‘answer’ (you could even change it to chocolate bars as answers), but they have to keep it secret from the fox!

When the game begins, the fox goes around the circle, guessing the eggs’ answers one at a time. If they get it wrong, they move on to the next egg. When the fox guesses an answer right, that egg must get up and run around the circle without being caught by the fox. If the fox catches the egg, they must then choose another answer and resume their place in the circle. If they don’t get caught, they become the fox and the previous fox becomes an egg!

9. Stock the tail on the bunny

In this game, players are each given a basket full of coloured cotton balls with cellotape or another sticky material attached to them. When the game begins, players chase each other around while trying to stick the fluffy balls - the bunny tails - to each other. At the end of the game, the player with the most tails stuck to them loses and the player with the least, wins!

10. Steal the egg

Our final Easter party game for kids is called steal the egg and it’s a competitive game involving two teams! Each team member is given a number that corresponds to a number given to a member of the other team. When their number is called out, the two opponents stand opposite one another, with an egg in the middle. When the whistle is blown, the aim is to try and make it to your team with the egg in hand, without being tagged by the opponent. Whichever team gets the egg to their side without being tagged wins a point, and the game continues until one team scores 10 points. 

With such an eggciting array of Easter games for kids, there’s no doubt your family will have a fun-filled Easter weekend together! Don’t forget to take a look at our range of cheap Easter toys, which could come in handy during your own Easter party. 

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