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Toys We're Loving This Week 13/12/2021

Toys We're Loving This Week 13/12/2021

Merry *nearly* Christmas guys! We can't wait for the big day now, and we're here to run down five amazing toys you can snag from us before we close for the Christmas period!
Pleaseeeeeee be aware the last day to order from us for in time for Christmas is Sunday 19th December, so order before then to avoid disappointment!


1. Christmas Candy Canes Peppermint Flavour 10pk
Do you and your family have a sweet tooth, especially at this time of year? Then we're SURE you'd LOVE these Peppermint Candy Canes,  which contain 10 canes, plenty for all the family to enjoy this festive season!
2. Glow Stick With Hook & Lanyard
Christmas time means it's party time! One thing that always livens the party up is glow sticks, and you can pick up these epic glow sticks hook & lanyard from us for just £1!
3. Bathtime Superhero Animal Facecloth & Sponge Flannel
Bath time can be a stressful experience at the best of times, so why not switch it up and grab these adorable superhero animal flannels? We're sure your little one would LOVE to add one of these to their bath routine!
4. Dyna City Build Your Own City Modular Play Set
If you're struggling to find the perfect gift this Christmas, we might have the ideal present! Why not pick up this awesome Dyna City modular play set, where you can build your own city and watch your little ones creativity come to life!
5. Christmas Novelty Character Bopper Headband
Finally, we think these Christmas novelty headbands are so cool, and are a great way to get into the festive spirit! Why not try collect all variations, so you and your family can be full of Christmas cheer!
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