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What is a blind box? And why are they so popular?

What is a blind box? And why are they so popular?

Blind boxes, also often known as blind bags, are the latest craze captivating kids far and wide and are cropping up across many of our favourite franchises, sparking a fresh feeling of excitement and curiosity with every unboxing. 

But what exactly is it that makes these mysterious little packages so intriguing? From the thrill of the unknown to the joy of collecting and trading, blind boxes offer a perfectly unique blend of surprise and entertainment. 

Join us at Toys for a Pound as we explore the magic behind these tiny treasures and discover what has made them such a phenomenon for kids and collectors alike. 

Table of contents:

  • What is the purpose of a blind box?
  • When did blind boxes become popular?
  • What is the blind box phenomenon?
  • Discover blind boxes at Toys for a Pound

  • What is the purpose of a blind box?

    The purpose of a blind box is to add an element of surprise and excitement to toy collecting. Each blind box contains a random toy, keeping its contents a mystery until it’s opened. This unpredictability adds a thrilling element to the unboxing experience, as kids and collectors never know exactly which toy or model they’ll get. 

    Blind boxes often feature a series of collectable items, encouraging repeated purchases in the quest to complete the collection; they also encourage social interaction as children and collectors trade and share their finds. Blind boxes combine the joy of discovery with the joy of collecting, making them an extremely popular choice for ages. 

    When did blind boxes become popular?

    Blind boxes gained their initial popularity in the early 2000s during the rise of Japanese anime culture, later gaining a significant boost in the late 2010s. During their origin days in Japan, they were known as “gashapon” or “capsule toys” and quickly captured the interest of both children and adults thanks to the fresh element of surprise they introduced into collecting and play. 

    The concept swiftly spread across the globe as major toy companies began adopting the blind box model. Since then, the rise of social media and the popularity of unboxing videos have further propelled their popularity. Today, blind boxes are a staple amongst many toy franchises, much loved for their mystery and the excitement they bring to every unboxing experience. 

    What is the blind box phenomenon?

    The blind box phenomenon is the term used to describe the way in which what has been dubbed the “blind box economy” has boomed in popularity and swept across the globe. It features mainly children and young adults who revel in the excitement and mystery of the unknown. 

    Rooted in the appeal of surprise and the joy of collecting, this phenomenon has expanded beyond toys to include a variety of other sectors and items, such as trading cards, clothes and accessories and even food. The online world has amplified the appeal of this culture, fostering a community of enthusiasts who share their finds and trade to complete their carefully curated collections. We even have our own Toys for a Pound YouTube channel where you can experience the joy of unboxing new surprises every week.

    Discover blind boxes and blind bags at Toys for a Pound

    At Toys for a Pound, we invite you to dive into the thrilling world of blind boxes and bags, where every unboxing unveils a new adventure. Our extensive collection features many themes and characters, ensuring a perfect surprise awaits any taste. 

    From beloved pop-culture icons and characters to exclusive limited-edition collections, our blind boxes and bags offer endless excitement to be unlocked for both kids and collectors alike. 

    The affordable prices at Toys for a Pound make it easy for anyone to indulge in the delight of collecting without breaking the bank. Each blind box is carefully selected to provide the utmost joy and anticipation with each unboxing. Whether you’re looking to start a fresh collection or are eagerly waiting to complete an existing one, our blind boxes and blind bags are a gateway to endless possibilities and enjoyable surprises. 

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