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Meet your Top Characters

Whether entertaining our screens, toy boxes, or bookshelf, some characters simply continue to ooze magic. They're effortlessly awesome, adventurous, and even somewhat addictive - and we can't help but embark on their wonderful journeys and quests with them.

Of course, we all have our favourites, from the adorable Disney classics like Mickey Mouse and Minnie to modern-day superheroes and villains that take us on white-knuckle adventures. No matter who yours are, we're proud to stock some of the best toys to suit, and we're even more excited to introduce our line-up of the top characters in our collections.

Ready? Let's meet them!


Brave, headstrong, kind, and passionate - it's no wonder Ariel is one of our most popular Disney characters. This mermaid-turned-princess is no stranger to adventure, and he hunger for knowledge and new experiences leads her from her familiar ocean home to brilliant new adventures above the sea.
Buzz Lightyear

Known for his bravery and confidence, Buzz Lightyear is a universal space ranger with a huge heart to match. His fancy uniform boasts a built-in laster and various gadgets, while his incredible karate-chop skills have been known to get him out of a tricky situation... or two. Buzz is a character with plenty of layers, some of which spark a rivalry with his on-screen best friends, Woody. However, his big heart overcomes all, and he consistently leads his friends to safety, infinity, and behond!
Iron Man

Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, is a billionaire, superhero and leading founder of the Avengers. He is an engineering genius with a passion for fighting crime - and his storyline from munitions dealer to role model is full of exciting twists and turns that make him even more lovable. Though the Marvel cast is always expanding, Mr. Stark remains atop our list of the Marvel characters - and we don't see that changing any time soon!
Harry Potter and Friends

Harry, Ron and Hermione have certainly had their fair share of adventures, from exploring the treacherous corners of Hogwarts' Chamber of Secrets to competing in the Goblet of Fire and sneaking out to Hogsmeader. Equipped with magic, passion, loyalty, and friends, this fateful trio contstantly puts the world to rights, with He-who-must-not-be-named forever at their heels. Harry Potter is as timeless as magical, and our toy collections promise to always have something captivating in store for Harry Potter fans!

Small in size yet mighty in power, Yoda is the Grandmaster of the Jedi General and one of the most influential Force-users in the entire galaxy. This famous Star Wars character is immensely powerful - and his master of the foce is one few dare to challenge. Using Force Vision, Yoda can view various versions of the past, present ans future, and he uses self-healing powers, combat and mind control to trade lethal blows with enemies.
Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends

Renowned as the number one blue tank engine, Thomas is always keen to help friends. He is kind, level-headed, and most known for his determination to be the hardest-working engine on the track. However, Thomas' determination is also known to get him into some scrapes and trouble - usually because he's eager to take on jobs better suited to bigger engines. But, the trouble never lasts long, with Thomas back to bustling back on the tracks and racing friends.

If there's one thing to be sure of, it's that you've always got a friend in our favourite cowboy, Woody. This pull-string Sheriff is loyal through and through and will do anything to help his friends, including loyal steed Bullseye, best friend Buzz, and longtime owner Andy. Woody's courage takes him and his toy pals on several adventures, and we're always eager to tag along!
The Incredible Hulk

Big, green, and angry - The Incredible Hulk smashes his way through any obstacle in this path. He is a founding Avenger and a force to be reckoned with, with superhuman strength, incredible durability, regeneration skills, and unparalleled power. In stark contrast, Hulk's alter ego, Bruce Banner, is a soft-spoken scientist with genius intelligence. However, nothing can stop him when his rage transforms him into his boisterous second self!

Elusive billionaire by day and mysterious superhero by night, Batman, alias Bruce Wayne, is one of the most iconic DC Comics characters. When he's not guarding the rooftops of Gotham with his infamous cowl and cape, he prowls the streets below in his menacing Batmobile, instilling fear into any wrong-doers. Batman wields an incredible range of skills that have seen him defeat some of the biggest baddies in DC, including martial arts, genius intellect, and peak human reflexes.

Famed as the friendly neighbourhood superhero, Spiderman, alias Peter Parker, is one of the most lovable Avengers in the Marvel Multiverse yet. He lives by his motto, "With great power comes great responsibility", and his unwavering dedication to the greater good of humanity is at the heart of everything he does. Parker's Spidey Senses, which including scaling walls, slinging webs, and superhuman strength, see him swoop and swing out of all kinds of trouble, while his kind and funny nature sees him make brilliant new friends with every adventure.

Barbie - She'd the world's favourite doll, and it's not hard to see why. Blonde, bold, and brilliant, Barbie has no trouble carving her future, teaching children worldwide that they can be anything they want. She's had over 200 careers and counting, including astronaut, teacher, diver, fashion designer, doctor, ballerina, tennis player - and a whirlwind of pink obsessions - and we can't wait to see what Barbie has in store for us next!
Anna & Elsa

Disney Frozen duo Anna & Elsa offer Disney fans worldwide a whole new twist on what it means to be a princess. Set in Arendelle Kingdom's never ending-Winter, Snow Queen Elsa locks herself away using her icy powers. Meanwhile, her fearless, loving, and determined sister Anna sets out to rescue her, meeting loyal companions like Olaf and Kristoff on the way. Anna and Elsa have taken the world by storm since their arrival, and our ever-expanding Frozen toy collection proves that their impact has no intention of slowing down yet!
Peppa Pig

Loud, cheeky, and endlessly fun, Peppa Pig is one of the most lovable animated characters to grace our screens yet. She enjoys muddy puddles and laughing with her friends; her big, curious heart has space for everyone. Peppa is extremely family-orientated, and we love watching her tease and play with her younger brother, George and best friends, Susie Sheep. When she's not snorting laughing, she's leading the way with big ideas and adventures - usually to muddle puddles!
Wonder Woman

A powerful warrior with a passionate heart and spirit, Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, stands for truth, justice, and compassions. She leads by example, using her compassion and kindness to defeat the forces of evil. However, she is also a master of combat with superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and reflexes. When equipped with her Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission, Armour and Sword, it's hard to believe anything can stop this warrior.
Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry are masters of slapstick comedy, and in each episode, this dynamic duo perform hilarious tricks, twists, and turns. tooutdo each other. Tom, a pampered house cat, mischeviously plots to capture Jerry, an intelligent, tongue-in-cheek mouse who doubles up as the ultimate escape artist. Are you team Tom or Jerry? We can never decide!

Eleven is a shy young girl turned heroine, one of the main characters of the hit show Stranger Things. She grew up as a test subject in a lab, and we watch as she discovers the outside world, making friends, promises, and plenty of discoveries. She loves a challenge and is constantly grappling with her immense powers and mastery of them!
Captain America

Steve Rogers was designed to be a supersoldier - the ideal American hero for fighting America's wars. However, after being frozen for 60 years and rediscovered by the Avengers, he became so much more than that. He became an everlasting symbol of all things good, a symbol of American justice who wields the power of his red, blue and white suit to diminish any evil his path. Moreover, Captain America's superhuman strength, speed, and durability make him of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe.

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