Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

Following the news that the schools would be closing on Friday 20th March, a lot of parents will be wondering what they can do to stop their kids from becoming so bored being at home for an extended period of time.

But don't worry, as we here at Toys for a Pound have put together a blog on some fantastic activities you and your little ones can do to keep them entertained!

Drawing Games

While you and your little ones are stuck in the house, why not let their creativity flow, by playing a drawing game such as Pictionary, or maybe draw something on your little one's back (on paper obviously), and they have to guess what you've drawn! Why not grab this AWESOME Marvel Avengers 8PC Chunky Felt Tip Pen Set!


Get Cooking

With your little one not learning in school, this might be the perfect time to introduce them to something new - cooking! They can watch and learn as well as being VERY creative! Why not make some of their fave foods together, such as creating a homemade pizza, or a scrumptious chocolate cake?!

Have a Movie Day

Nothing can beat getting all cosy on the sofa and flying through a good movie series! Well if you and your little one LOVE Disney, you're in luck, with Disney+ due to release in the UK on March 24th! So you can watch ALL the Toy Story movies, Frozen, Star Wars AND all 30 series of The Simpsons from the comfort of your living room!


Board Games and Puzzles

One way to keep your child occupied for hours on end is with board games and puzzles! We here at Toys for a Pound have a FAB collection of games and puzzles. If your kid fancies themselves as a builder, why not grab this EPIC 3D Mini Architect Tower Puzzle, allowing them to build either the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Khalifa Tower in Dubai! Why not show them a photo of the real thing after, they'll be amazed!!

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt? Why not set your little one a list of 10 things to collect, such as something shiny, something pink, something small and something that makes noises, then give them 30 minutes to find them all! Hours of fun guaranteed!

Get Slimy
Okay so I think it's safe to say ALL kids LOVE slime, right? Not only is it a big, gooey, fun mess, it's also surprisingly important for your child's development! Slime helps children develop their senses, as the ability to mould and shape it into whatever they want, gives them a sense of coordination and exploration! We here at Toys for a Pound have a brilliant selection of Slime, which you can find here -*. We are LOVING this awesome Hot Wheels Big Wheels Slime Race & Car Tube, and we are sure your child will too!

Exercise in the Garden

One thing that's easy to forget now the kids are off school, is that they're missing out on the vital exercise they got during break time at school. This is why we think an awesome idea is to do a workout with your little one, such as a race around the garden, or if you don't have a garden, why not challenge your little one to a sit-up competition?!


Make a Time Capsule

Time capsules are always a good idea when you're looking for something to do with your little one! The thing we LOVE so much about them, is that in 20 years time - or whenever you decide to open them - they'll have SO much nostalgia about their loving family life, and it'll take them back to where it all began!


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