How to limit your child's screen time

How to limit your child's screen time

Although you cannot avoid the influence electronics such as TV and smartphones have on the younger generation, too much screen time isn't good for your little one.
This is why we here at Toys for a Pound put together a list of ideas for you to limit your child's screen time!

Create 'Technology-Free' Zones 
One way to decrease the amount of screen time your little one has is to establish zones across your house in which no screens, such as phones, are permitted. Places such as the dining room would be ideal, as you can reserve this area solely for meals and family conversations!

Encourage Outdoor Play
Outdoor play is still SO important to your child's development, as it allows them to explore and learn the environment around them. There is also the obvious physical exercise they'll be getting, which is vital for muscle development! We'd recommend the Fruit Flying Disc or our Table Tennis Set for your little one to enjoy! Or why not shop our FANTASTIC Outdoor range?!

Set a Good Example
Remember that as well as limiting your child's screen time, you should do your best to limit your own. Binge watching a series on Netflix or scrolling through your phone for hours on end sets a bad example! Why not spend the time playing a game such as Dominoes?

Use Parental Controls
Using parental controls on TV and online is a good way to help you monitor what your little one watches on TV and views online. You could also obtain your child's passwords if they have any social media accounts, as they may not be old enough to deal with online problems such as cyber-bullying. It's important for you to take responsibility for your child's online safety.

Don't Allow Screen in your Child's Bedroom
It's pretty much impossible to monitor how much screen time your little one has if they have screens such as TVs, computers and video game systems in their bedroom. So why not limit their screens to the living room? If your child has a smartphone in their room, they could spend hours on it, which can interfere with their sleep.

We ALL know of the unbelievable things technology can do and bring to today's society, but it's important to find a middle ground between technology and play. While giving your child an iPad to play on for hours may keep them quiet, too much time spent looking at screens will hinder their development, so establishing a balance is pivotal!
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