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PlayPortal at Toys for a Pound

Enter into a realm where imagination and adventure know no bounds with our PlayPortal space, specially crafted for family-focused entertainment. PlayPortal is your gateway to a treasure trove of events, quizzestop character lists, unboxing videos and much more!

Discover a myriad of captivating events designed to engage and entertain every family member. Test your knowledge of your favourite franchises with our thrilling quizzes, ranging from Harry Potter and Marvel to Stranger Things and Barbie. Explore our top character lists and find your beloved icons from timeless classics to the latest sensations. Dive head first into excitement with our unboxing videos, where every reveal is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Our platform is carefully curated to spark curiosity, foster creativity and create unforgettable moments for children and families. Join Toys for a Pound as we embark on a journey filled with laughter, learning and endless amusement.

Watch our latest unboxing videos

Uncover a trove of incredible video content at Toys for a Pound as you experience the enactment of unveiling the latest trending toys and collectibles in our thrilling unboxing videos. From action figures to Funko POPs and everything in between, our videos present the joy of discovery and the thrill of the reveal.

Top Friends

Learn all about a rich tapestry of beloved characters that have captured the hearts and imagination of generations. Join us as we celebrate characters who have become legends, inspiring and entertaining audiences worldwide for decades. From iconic superheroes to timeless villains, explore our curated list of the most popular characters who have left an indelible mark on the world of pop culture.

Discover What's Trending

Dive into the world of trending toys and discover the latest releases that are bound to keep your little ones entertained for hours. From action-packed superheroes and nefarious villains to sensory toys and creative crafts, we have it all at unbeatable prices.

Shop Your Favourite Characters at Toys for a Pound

We're proud to stock the best toys and characters at great value prices, and we consistently update our collections to offer the latest toys for all ages. From Funko and Disney to Marvel and DC Comics, discover exciting new ways to meet your favourite characters at Toys for a Pound!