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Friends TV Series K-Blings Cable-Clip Character Blind Bag

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Friends TV Series K-Blings Cable-Clip Character Blind Bag

Enhance your tech accessories with a touch of nostalgia using the Friends TV Series K-Blings Cable-Clip Character Blind Bag. Each blind bag is a surprise, containing one of the beloved characters from the iconic Friends TV series, transformed into a practical and stylish cable clip. Whether you're a fan of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, or Phoebe, these cable clips bring a bit of the classic '90s sitcom charm to your daily life. Ideal for both Friends enthusiasts and those who love unique tech accessories, these cable clips are perfect for collecting, gifting, and adding a personalised touch to your gadgets. Grab a blind bag and let the Friends nostalgia accompany you in your tech adventures!
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