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Fake vs Cheap Funko Pops: How to easily identify a fake Funko

Fake vs Cheap Funko Pops: How to easily identify a fake Funko

There’s no better feeling than stumbling across a sought-after gem at a discounted price, especially if it’s a Funko POP character you’ve been itching to add to your collection.


However, upon receiving your POP, something seems off, and doubt starts to creep in. Was your discovery too good to be true?


Funko POP characters are the most popular collectables in the pop culture landscape. However, due to their demand, counterfeit figures are slowly infiltrating the market.


You’re not alone if you’ve been stung by a fake figurine in the past, which is why we’ve covered everything you need to know to tell apart the cheap Funko POPs from the fakes. Read on for our expert tips, from how to avoid buying fake Funkos to where you can get the best deals on your favourite characters!



Table of Contents

  1. How do you spot fake Funkos?
  2. How to avoid buying fake cheap Funkos
  3. How do I know if my Funko POP is valuable?
  4. Are Funko POPs worth the money?
  5. Where can I get good deals on Funko POPs?


How do you spot fake Funkos?

Whether you’re an experienced collector or a Funko POP newbie, it pays to know the difference between fake and cheap Funko POPs. Below, we’ve covered the top 5 details to look out for that could suggest your treasured new addition is a knock-off.


The price

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is, especially if the Funko in question is considered rare or limited edition.


Most Funko POP sellers know how much their figures are worth. So, if you come across a POP with a recognised value of over £100 selling for £20, it’s likely a fake. Everyone loves cheap Funko POPs. However, it’s important to be realistic about the price!


To avoid falling for this trick, always shop around to get a more accurate idea of the Funko’s true value.

The serial number

All official Funko POP figures have a serial number engraved on the POPs’ head or foot, matching the number on the figurine’s box. If your Funko POP figure is missing either of these serial numbers, it’s an obvious sign it’s a fake.


With this in mind, always ask the seller to provide evidence of both serial numbers. If they refuse or cannot provide proof, move on. If you receive a serial number, you can always confirm the Funko’s authenticity using the official Funko Mobile App!


The colour

Always thoroughly check your Funko POP figure against others, as any differences in the POPs’ colour, quality or mould can indicate an ungenuine copy.


Many scammers don’t care about the details, leaving figurines with faded or patchy finishes.


Of course, it can be difficult to identify these small details from photos, but you can always ask the seller to provide close-up pictures before purchasing if you’re unsure. This will allow you to compare the Funko with official POP figurines and confirm discrepancies!

The box

If your Funko’s box arrives faulty or the inner plastic packaging does not hold your figurine in place correctly, there is a high chance the product has been tampered with. This also applies if the boxes’ font, logo, or stickers are faded.


With this in mind, always check the packaging before purchasing to ensure your POP is genuine.


You can find official POP boxes to compare online, including the official Funko website. For instance, is the POP brand logo in the corner, and is it the same as in the official Funko Logo on the original? Is there a warning sign on the bottom of the box, and does it match the warning sign on all official Funko packaging?



Be sure to check and compare all aspects of the packaging until you are confident it is a genuine product.



The Funko POP figurine has different features from the original

If the Funko POP has different features, such as oddly shaped eyes or disproportionate limbs, it is likely a counterfeit character. To reduce the risk of falling for a fake Funko, always compare your new addition to official Funkos online.


How to avoid buying a fake Funko POP

Unfortunately, fake Funkos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, there are several things you can do to minimise the risk of falling for a scam.


Confirm the seller’s identity

One of the best ways to avoid fake Funkos is by being careful about who and where you buy from. When shopping online, always choose reputable stores you can trust. It is very unlikely that you will receive a fake figurine from well-known stores.


If you choose to buy Funkos from auction sites and pop-up pages with no previous history, be extremely cautious and pay extra attention to the condition of the Funko, taking into account the factors mentioned above.


Ask other Funko collectors

If you’re unsure if your cheap Funko POP is a fake, post a photo of the POP in a Funko POP forum, sharing images of all sides of the POP’s packaging and the figurine in question.


Expert collectors will quickly identify a fake, as most experienced collectors have either received a fake figurine in the past or own an original they can compare it to.

Read reviews

If a seller has limited or negative reviews, it’s a cautioning sign that you should skip the sale.


Many low, recent reviews could indicate that a seller has created a burner profile to sell various fake products. Many scammers use this method as it allows them to delete their accounts when the sales have been completed and make a swift escape before anyone has the chance to notice what’s happened.


Of course, you could always contact previous buyers to gain insight into their experience with the seller. Plus, Funko Forums often have lists of sellers to avoid, so always ensure the seller in question isn’t on the list!


How do I know if my Funko POP is valuable?

Funko POPs are popular figurines with characters to suit every age and interest. However, as with all collectables, some Funkos are rarer than others.


If a Funko POP has a ‘Limited Edition Chase’ sticker located on the bottom right-hand corner of the box, it shows that the POP is rarer than others. Funko POPs with chase stickers are usually unique variations of the standard moulding, depicting the Funko character in special poses, outfits, and finishes.


Of course, predicting if any Funko POP will become valuable is impossible, as you never know which POP might one day be in demand. However, if a POP is released as part of a limited series or quantity, there is a much higher chance it will become valuable.


You never know; your cheap Funko POPs could one day be the most valuable in your collection!



Are Funko Pops worth the money?

For most collectors, collecting Funko POPs is not about the money. Funkos offer collectors a tangible way to enjoy their favourite movies, comic books, gaming characters, and pop culture idols. So, for most POP fans, any Standard Funko POP is worth its price.


However, some Funko POPs can increase in value and become great investments for collectors, especially exclusive and limited edition Funko POPs. Some collectors search high and low for these rare POPs to add to their collection, hoping to one day cash in on their investments.


Of course, collecting rare POPs can be expensive, and there is no guarantee that the POPs that are considered rare today will have the same status tomorrow. With this in mind, it’s important to consider why you want to collect Funkos, as this will determine whether they are worth the money for you personally.



Where can I get good deals on Funko Pops?

You can find great deals on cheap Funko POPs in various places online. However, it’s essential to do your research to reduce the risk of purchasing fake Funkos.


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