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Why do we celebrate Easter? How to explain the traditions to your kids

How to explain Easter traditions and their meaning to your kids

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, which means kids everywhere will soon be painting eggs, tucking into chocolate bunnies and running around the garden on the hunt for eggs.

It’s unlikely your kids will question why they get delicious chocolate eggs once a year, but their inquisitive young minds might be wondering a thing or two about Easter. Prepare yourself for questions like why do we celebrate Easter?” and “what’s the meaning behind  Easter eggs?”.

Fortunately for parents like you, we’ve done the research for you and you’ll soon have the answers ready to impress your children with! Take a look at our simplified history of Easter traditions below, including the meaning behind the Easter bunny. While you’re here, why not check our cheap Easter toys collection as well!

The meaning behind Easter eggs - a history

Easter egg history

Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs? Well, for Christians who celebrate Easter, eggs are said to represent Jesus and his resurrection from the tomb. In fact, Easter eggs have been decorated since the 13th century (if not before). Eggs were once a forbidden Lenten food and it is thought they were decorated to mark the end of Lent.

Easter Craft Egg Set With Nest

Fast forward a few years (and then some), we now celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs instead. This is a UK tradition that was introduced in 1873 by chocolate company, J.S. Fry & Sons. Today, much of the Western world now celebrates Easter with chocolate eggs, too!

Fun fact: Over 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK each year - more than the nation’s population!

The meaning behind the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny

You won’t find any mention of this fictitious rabbit in The Bible, but that doesn’t make the Easter Bunny any less of a tradition. Many parents tell their kids the animal delivers chocolate eggs on Easter, but the meaning behind the Easter Bunny actually has its origins in Germany.

Easter Bunny Headbands

In Germany, around 1682, the Easter Bunny was created to evaluate whether kids were good or bad at the start of the Easter season. Many children even leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny, just in case he gets hungry during his deliveries! Sound familiar? The Easter Bunny has no ties to a certain man in a red suit, but the moral behind its story is very similar.

The meaning behind Easter egg hunts

Egg Hunts

Many of us have taken part in an egg hunt on Easter weekend - but why? This Easter tradition hatched from Germany, too! For centuries, the egg has been a symbol of rebirth (more notably with the story of Jesus), but it is thought the Germans were the first to hide eggs as a celebration at Easter. German men would hide eggs for women and children to find, which was seen as a celebration of life.

Easter Egg Hunt Arrows

Looking to host your own Easter egg hunt this weekend? We’ve got plenty of great Easter toys to get your Easter-themed party going!

Hot cross buns tradition

Hot Cross Bun Tradition

This Good Friday bun is an Easter favourite in countries like the UK, Ireland and Australia. If like us, you and your kids will be tucking into some delicious hot cross buns this weekend, you might be wondering what’s the meaning behind them. It’s thought that hot cross buns were designed to represent Jesus’ crucifixion, but original recipes were actually created without dairy products - which are forbidden during Lent.

Now you know the story behind these four Easter traditions and why we celebrate Easter, you’ll be able to explain them to your kids during their Easter-themed activities this weekend!

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