Ready-made Easter egg hunt riddles to use with the family

Ready-made Easter egg hunt riddles to use with the family

If you want to make this Easter that bit more special, you should organise an Easter egg hunt. Having an Easter egg scavenger hunt (with riddles) outside in the fresh air will not only encourage healthy play and interaction with other children, but it’s also a really fun way of celebrating the Easter holiday.

So without further ado, here are our favourite Easter riddles. We’re going to give you a few rhymes that will give your little ones a clue as to where their Easter eggs are. Get hunting!

Ready-made Easter egg hunt clues

With these riddles, you can get your children’s brains whirring. They’re age-appropriate and are not too hard (or easy!). Our Easter egg hunt clues are for children, and they’re perfect.

Let’s get riddling!

Hide the eggs on a windowsill…

This clue is tricky, that’s for certain,

Is there something behind the curtain?

Hide the eggs under the kitchen table…

I have four legs

But cannot walk.

You sit at me

To use your fork.

Hide the eggs in bed…

I’m the perfect place to snuggle down for the night...

Have a look where you go to sleep tight.

Hide the eggs in a bedroom drawer…

In this drawer is where I sit

Look where your underpants and socks sit.

Hide the eggs behind a sofa cushion…

Where do you sit to watch TV?

Maybe there is where you’ll find me.

5 tips for an amazing Easter egg hunt

Now you have some ready-made riddles, we’re going to give you a few pointers on how you can make this Easter’s celebrations the best yet. Keep reading!

Stock up early

Shops will start to stock Easter eggs around early February time, so keep an eye out for deals. You’ll do yourself a favour by buying early - that way it won’t be a mad (and expensive) rush come Easter weekend.

Limit the hunt to a safe and contained area

Designate a specific area for your hunt. Your home is good enough! Make use of its nooks and crannies - just remember where you’ve hidden them.

Have a special egg

Make it known that somewhere there is a ‘special egg’. Maybe it’s much bigger than the others, or there are extra eggs inside it. Whatever it is, make sure that your kids are excited about this bonus prize. Exciting!

Hide appropriately

Think about the ages of the kids involved and hide according to their age. You can’t expect a group of four-year-olds to climb trees while hiding them in plain sight will be far too easy for the older ones.

Colour coding is vital

To keep it fair, colour code the eggs and tell the kids of varying ages to hunt for the colours that match their abilities. You’ll avoid lots of potential tears!

Happy hunting

With the above tips, you’ll make this Easter the best one yet. Have you started your shopping yet? Take a look at our Easter toys. You can keep up to date with our content with our blog - it has everything you need to know about children’s toys.

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