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How to Help Your Child Read

How to Help Your Child Read

Watching your child struggle to read can be very tough for parents, as well as for the child. This is even more difficult if you're a first-time parent and have never had to previously overcome this challenge.
We here at Toys for a Pound know how hard of an obstacle this can be to get past for your little one, which is why we've created a guide on how you can help your child to read!

Read to your child

This may seem obvious, but reading to your child will definitely help them with their literacy. They will be exposed to new vocabulary that they've not previously heard, which can positively impact their language and intelligence!
There are so many wonderful children's books for you to choose from to read to your little one, so head down to your local library to find your favourites!

Make reading a regular activity at home

The more you make reading a regular thing, the more your children will learn to love it - as well as improving their reading ability! Why not make a regular 30-minute slot specifically for reading?
One great way to help engage your children in reading, is by reading a book that has been turned into a movie, then watching the movie after finishing the book! Take Disney movies, for example. Many of the popular Disney movies have been based on a book, some with the same name and some without. Consider books such as The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen (Frozen), and The Hundred and One Dalmatians to begin with. 

Teach phonics

The only way your little one will be able to sound out words, is by knowing the sound each letter makes! Take them through the alphabet and make sure they're able to correctly sound out each word. You could perhaps collect some random objects from around your house and teach them the phonetic spelling of each object.

Make word cards

Cut out cards and write words on them which contain three different sounds - such as 'cat', 'pot', 'pig' or 'sun'. Ask your child to say the first letter they hear, then the second and third, then repeat. This is a simple trick that will help to develop their vocabulary as well as their pronunciation of words!

Listen to your child read

Make a special effort to listen to your child reading out loud, as this will help you gain an understanding of where their struggles lie. If you hear your little one make a mistake, correct them, get them to repeat, and you'll find they'll quickly improve their reading skills!

Ask questions

When your child is reading, be sure to ask them to retell the story or the information. If it's a story, ask them what it was about and who is in it. If it's an information piece, ask exactly what it was about. Reading isn't just about sounding out words, but remembering ideas and events! Improving reading comprehension early will help your child in the future.

Be patient and have fun

Every child is different, and every child learns at different paces, so be sure to make the reading process as fun as possible! Mix up the activities you choose and let your child choose the books to read occasionally, to make the experience more fun for them!

For times when your little one might need a break from reading but still wants something fun and engaging to do, consider activity books. With the likes of busy packs and sticker books, your child will still be required to read content here and there, but not to the same extent as reading an entire story. We have a wide variety of activity books and busy packs in our play sets and activity toys collection - see what you think! 
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