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From Comics To Your Shelf: The 5 Best Spiderman Toys

From Comics To Your Shelf: The 5 Best Spiderman Toys

Famed as the friendly neighbourhood superhero, Spiderman is widely considered the most popular Marvel character in the Marvel comics multiverse. 


However, despite what you might think, this avenger’s enduring popularity has little to do with his Spidey Senses, which include scaling walls, slinging webs, and superhuman strength, and everything to do with his secret identity: Peter Parker.


Though Spiderman spends most of his time atop and between the tallest buildings in NYC, Peter Parker is arguably the most down-to-earth superhero yet – so it comes as no surprise that fans are eager to indulge in the best Spiderman toys, comics, games, and box office hits. 


Here, we delve into everything Spiderman, answering the most frequently asked questions about your favourite web-slinger and sharing the best Spiderman toys at Toys for a Pound!

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Table of Contents

  1. Who created Spiderman?
  2. How old are Spiderman comics?
  3. Where does Spiderman live?
  4. How many Spiderman movies are there?
  5. Who is Venom?
  6. Why does Venom hate Spiderman?
  7. The best Spiderman toys 
  8. What age are Spiderman toys for?
  9. Shop Spiderman toys at Toys for a Pound


Who created Spiderman?

Comic book writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko created Spiderman in 1962, with Spiderman’s first appearance being in the 15th edition of the anthology comic book, The Silver Age of Comic Books.


These Spiderman comics were an instant success with readers, so much so that Marvel quickly established Spiderman as a classic character with his own title.


Since then, Spiderman has featured in everything from films to video games, with Spiderman toys and merchandise being amongst the most sought-after releases.



How old are Spiderman comics?

Spiderman first appeared in the 1962 comic book ‘Amazing Fantasy’ edition, making Spiderman comics over six decades old.


At the time of the first Spiderman comics, most young comic book superheroes were consigned to the role of the sidekick, like Robin and Bucky. However, Spiderman was such a sensation upon release that Marvel threw away the rulebook, cementing Spiderman’s status as a Marvel superhero with his own title.


Of course, Peter Parker yielded all the attributes of a sidekick, from his inadequacies to his lack of self-confidence. Moreover, he had no superhero mentors like Captain America and Batman, learning by himself that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. 


This determination has not only followed Spiderman from his comic book adventures to his box office hits, but also cemented his place in the hearts of fans worldwide. 


Marvel Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends 30cm Soft Plush Toy - Spiderman Peter Parker


Where does Spiderman live?

Spiderman lives at 20 Ingram Street in Queens, a fictional address in Forest Hills. However, he protects numerous areas around New York City.


Peter Parker first moved to this address at age six, following the loss of his parents. From then, he lived with his auntie and uncle, May and Ben Parker.


How many Spiderman movies are there?

There are 9 Spiderman movies in total.


Spiderman makes an appearance in several superhero movies. However, there are 9 total Spiderman movies led by the hero himself, including three starring Tobey Maguire, two with Andrew Garfield, and three led by the latest Spiderman, Tom Holland. 


There is also an animated Spiderman movie, Into the Spider-Verse, 


Though there are no signs (yet!) of another Spiderman film in Marvel’s future, the hero’s web-slinging days are nowhere near finished, with future Spiderman appearances rumoured to be drafted in Marvel’s lab!


How to watch the Spiderman movies

Unlike other Marvel movies, the Spiderman movies and spin-offs have the same chronological and release order, so it's easy to watch the Spiderman movies:


  1. Spiderman (2002)
  2. Spiderman 2 (2004)
  3. Spiderman 3 (2007)
  4. The Amazing Spiderman (2012)
  5. The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014)
  6. Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)
  7. Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
  8. Spiderman: Far From Home (2019)
  9. Spiderman: No Way Home (2021)
  10. Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)



Beast Kingdom Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Mini Egg Attack Series Figure


Who is Venom?

An alien organism known as the Symbiote, Venom manifests in a liquid-like form and survives by bonding with a human host.


Though Venom is first introduced as Spiderman’s archenemy, it later becomes an anti-hero within the Marvel multiverse that, despite having inherently bad qualities, decides to fight for good.


Why does Venom hate Spiderman?

Venom’s hatred for Spiderman originally began with Eddie Brock. 


A criminal with a severely guilty conscience, Eddie Brock desperately wanted to be punished for his crimes and serve justice to others. This led him to become a journalist, where he became obsessed with hunting down the infamous serial killer, the Sin-Eater.


Emil Greg confessed to Eddie that he was the Sin-Eater, leading Eddie to publish an expose on Greg’s crimes. However, Greg had lied – and the truth was revealed when Spiderman caught the real villain. This rendered Eddie Brock’s expose of Greg’s crimes incorrect and cemented his status as a fraud.


This incident ruined Eddie Brock’s career, reputation, and, perhaps most importantly, his fragile psyche. His worsened mental state also saw him lose his wife, inciting hatred for Spiderman.


At the same time as these events, Spiderman damaged his original suit during battle and, on a mission to replace his suit, found a machine he thought to be a fabric replicator. However, rather than fabric, the machine produced a black, liquid sphere which engulfed him, forming a black suit that intensified his powers. This suit, known as the Symbiote suit, caused Spiderman’s personality to change, making him violent, aggressive, and unpredictable. Eventually, Spiderman rejected the Symbiote, leading it to leave Spiderman as a host and eventually find Eddie Brock.


Combining Eddie Brocks’ hatred for Spiderman with the black symbiote alien suit’s rejection, Venom was born – and so was a new and intensified hatred for Spiderman. 


The best Spiderman toys 

Whether you’re an adult who loves to collect Spiderman comics or are treating a little one to much-awaited Spiderman toys, our Marvel toys collection has something for you. Read on for five of the best Spiderman toys currently available at Toys for a Pound. 


1. The Marvel Spidey Amazing Friends Spiderman Scratch Art Poster Set.

Marvel Spidey Amazing Friends Spiderman Scratch Art Poster Set


Perfect for anyone who loves arts and crafts, the Spiderman scratch art poster set is a fantastic way to indulge in your favourite superhero. Simply scrape away the dark surface to reveal fantastic Spidey showpieces underneath!

2. Marvel Spider-Man 5-in-1 Okidoki Dough Tub With Press Cutter & Roller

Marvel Spider-Man 5-in-1 Okidoki Dough Tub With Press Cutter & Roller


Experience endless fun with Spiderman dough tubs at Toys for a Pound. The tubes containing the clay double up as rollers and feature cool Spiderman artwork that you can print as you play!

3. Marvel Spider-Man Spidey Okidoki Dough Tool Tin With Character Mould & Accessories

Marvel Spider-Man Spidey Okidoki Dough Tool Tin With Character Mould & Accessories


Get creative with this Spiderman character mould kit, featuring everything you need to create high-quality models of your friendly neighbourhood hero. The set also includes a decorated Spiderman tin case, perfect for collectors!


4. Marvel Spider-Man 5pk Zig Zag Craft Scissor Set

Marvel Spider-Man 5pk Zig Zag Craft Scissor Set


Shake up your little one’s arts and crafts session with Spiderman craft scissors, including interchangeable scissor skins that any Spidey fan will love!

5. Marvel Spiderman Avengers 9" Soft Plush Toy

Marvel Spiderman Avengers 9" Soft Plush Toy


Featuring the hero’s classic red and blue spider suit, this Spiderman soft plush toy is the perfect gift for Spidey fans of all ages!


Shop Spiderman toys at Toys for a Pound

Down-to-earth, charming, and endearingly determined, it’s no wonder Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time.


At Toys for a Pound, we stock a fantastic range of Spiderman toys for various ages. So, whether you’re searching for party bag fillers or a new collector’s item, we’re confident you’ll find something. Moreover, our Marvel toys collection is consistently updated to include more of your favourites, so keep checking back.


Looking for more high-quality toys at cheap prices? We also stock Funko POP figures and DC Comics toys, so indulging in your favourite heroes and villains has never been easier! Shop the collection today and find all your favourites at Toys for a Pound.

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