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Toys to Enjoy During Lockdown

Toys to Enjoy During Lockdown

As it looks like the current lockdown isn't ending anytime soon, It's so important that our kids continue to learn and keep busy as much as they can at home!

However fear not! We here at Toys for a Pound have put together a list of some of our best toys, including pound toys & multi priced, to keep the kids occupied during this tough period!
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1. Magic Trick Set

We kick things off with this AWESOME Magic Trick Set! While we are all in the house more than usual at the moment, now is an ideal time to learn some new tricks! This isn't just a cheap toy for the kids either, it's always a good idea to learn some new skills yourself!

2. Musical Flute 3pk Set

Next up, we have this Musical Flute 3pk Set, where you can get all 3 flutes for just £1! Speaking of picking up a new skill, why not try your hand at learning a new musical instrument?! You and your family can even start a 3-piece wind instrument band! Be sure to apologise to the neighbours in advance about the noise though!

3. Tiny Pong Solo Table Tennis Electronic Handheld Game

If you're after a cheap toy your child can have endless hours of fun with look no further than this EPIC Tiny Pong Solo Table Tennis Electronic Handheld Game! Bounce the ball against the court and gain points as you do so! This toy also comes with different levels of difficulty, so if it's too easy, be sure to switch it up to expert level!

4. Puff Putty Tub

Why not get creative during the lockdown with our top notch creative toys & games for kids?! Next up is this Puff Putty Tub, which your child can use to make whatever they want with, and when they're done, simply mash it back together and start their next creation! In addition, there are 6 colours to collect, can YOU collect them all and make some mega multi-coloured masterpieces?!
Puffy Putty Tub

5. Paints & Brush 21pc Set

Speaking of getting creative, why not grab this awesome Paints & Brush 21pc Creative Toy Set for just £1?! Hours of fun are guaranteed as your child lets their creativity flow all over the page, and with every colour under the rainbow, the possibilities for your little artist are endless!

6. Click Sticks Imagi-Build 50pc

It's important during this time that kids continue to learn as much as they can! That's why we think picking up these Click Sticks Imagi-Build 50pc toys are SUCH a good idea! Your kid can create in their own way with the clever connectors, and they come in either pink or blue, so there's even more variation!
Click Sticks Imagi-Build 50pc Blue Blind Bag
Click Sticks Imagi-Build 50pc Pink Blind Bag

7. Mini Water Puzzle Game

Who else used to spend their childhood playing the water ring toss game?! Well now you can relive your childhood with our epic Mini Water Puzzle Game! Trust us, it's as difficult as it was when we were kids, but it felt SOOOOO good to complete!!

8. Educational Snap Card Games

As mentioned earlier, it's SO important for your little one to continue their education despite the disruption of their school schedule. That's why we think these Educational Snap Card Games would be a welcome addition to any home & are just part of our collection of educational toys & games! Choose from Around the World, Anglo-Saxons, Ancient Egyptians, My First Dinosaur, My First Colour & Shape and Fraction Actions!! SO many topics to choose from and play, all for just £1 each!!
Educational Snap Card Games